• CAG-TDR2702


    GeoVision GV-TDR2702 2MP H.265 Low Lux IR Mini Fixed Rugged Dome, 2.8mm IntelligentIR@100ft, IP67, IK10, WDR, Defog, 3DNR, ONVIF (Profile S, T), DC12V/PoE, 1-Year Warranty

  • CAG-TDR47001


    GeoVision GV-TDR4700 4MP H.265/H.264, Low Lux WRD Pro IR Mini Fixed Rugged IP Dome, Lens: 3.6mm 1xIR-LED@98ft, 3-Axis Mechanism, IP67, IK10, 3DNR, Defog, Built-in Micro SD Card Slot, 2-Way Audio, DC12V/PoE 2-Year Warranty

  • POE-GVPA902B


    Geovision GV-PA902BT 1-Port Gigabit IEEE802.3af/AT/BT PoE++ Adapter, Max Power Output of 95W

  • CAG-QSD5731


    Geovision GV-QSD5731-IR 33x 5MP H.265 Outdoor IR IP Speed Dome, 4.6-152mm IR LowLux 16xIR-LED@500ft WDR-Pro, IP66, PoE++(60W), AlarmI/O, SD-Card Slot, 2-Year Warranty

  • POE-GV1611A


    Geovision GV-APOE1611 16-Port Gigabit 802.3a + 2 SFP Uplink Ports, 19" Rack-mount, Support for PD Alive Monitor, ONVIF Discover, Max. 330W, Supports up to 16 GV-IP Cams, Web Management PoE Switch, 2-Year Warranty

  • POE-GV2411A


    Geovision GV-APOE2411 24-Port Gigabit 802.3a + 4 SFP Uplink Ports, 19" Rack-mount, Support for PD Alive Monitor, ONVIF Discover, Max. 420W, Supports up to 24 GV-IP Cams, Web Management PoE Switch, 2-Year Warranty

  • CAG-TBL27030


    Geovision GV-TBL2703 2MP H.265/264 Low Lux IP Bullet Camera, Fixed 4mm Lens, Intelligent IR@98ft, IP67, WDR, Defog, 3DNR, Text-Overlay, Privacy-Mask, ONVIF(Profile-S), DC12V/PoE, 2-Year Warranty

  • CAG-TBL4703


    Geovision GV-TBL4703 4MP H.265/264 Low Lux WDR IP Bullet IP Camera, Len: 4mm, 1xIR-LED@100ft IP67 3DNR IRC Defog ONVIF(P:S/T) DC12V/PoE(4W) 3-Year Warranty

  • CAG-FER12700


    Geovision GV-FER12700 12MP H.265/264 Low Lux WDR IR Outdoor Fisheye Rugged IP Camera, Fixed 1.2mm Lens, Intelligent IR, Built-in MicroSD Slot, Built-in Mic, Digital Object Tracking, WDR, 3DNR, IRC, IP67, IK10+, ONVIF-S, DC12V/PoE, 3-Year Warranty

  • POE-GV0810A


    Geovision GV-APOE0810 10-Port Gigabit 802.3a Unmanaged PoE Switch w/ 8 PSE/PoE-Port & 2 Uplink Ports, Supports up to 8 GV-IP Cams, Max. 125W, 2-Year Warranty

  • GV-VS2401


    Geovision GV-VS2401 4-Channel H.264 Combo 1080p HD Video Encoder for TVI/AHD ONVIF (Profile-S) DC12V

  • HD-ST8TVE00


    Seagate ST8000VE000 Skyhawk AI 3.5" 8TB SATA/6.0Gb/s 7200RPM 256MB-Buffer Internal Desktop/Surveillance Hard Drive 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • GV-VMS18


    Geovision GV-VMS v18 For 32 Channels - Video Management Software

  • CAG-SD2722IR


    Geovision GV-SD2722-IR 22x 2MP H.265 Super Low Lux WDR Pro Outdoor IR IP Speed Dome, 10xIntelli-IR@655ft, IP66, IK10, TV-Out, 2-Way Audio, Built-in MicroSD Card Storage, 3DNR, ONVIF(Profile G/S/T), DC24V/AC24V (Pendant Tube is Optional) 2-Yr Warranty

  • X51B1E


    Dahua X51B1E4 Mini 1U Lite-Series 4ch+2-IP XVR Smart H.265+/264, HDMI/VGA Output RS485 2xUSB2.0 Supports 1xSATA-HDD up to 6TB/bay Audio-In/Out/RCA DC12V/1.5A

  • CFA52AB62


    Dahua A52AB62 5MP HDCVI Fixed Bullet Fixed Lens: 2.8mm Smart IR@130ft WDR 2D/3DNR Built-in Mic. HD/SD Output Switchable IP67 DC12V

  • IDN22AL12


    Dahua N22AL12 2MP Fixed Mini Network Dome Smart H.265+/264 2.8mm 3xIR-LED@98ft DWDR ICR IP67 IK10 DC12V/PoE

  • CAG-TBL4710


    Geovision GV-TBL4710 4MP H.265/H.264 4.3X Zoom Low Lux WDR Pro IR Bullet IP Camera Motorized 2.8-12mm 2xIR-LED@100ft IK10 IP67 2-Way Audio DC12V/PoE 2-Year Warranty

  • CAG-TBL8710


    Geovision GV-TBL8710 8MP H.265/H.264 4.3X Zoom Super Low Lux WDR Pro IR Bullet Motorized 2.8-12mm 3xIR-LED@165ft IP67 IK10 IP67 2-Way Audio DC12V/PoE 2-Year Warranty

  • GVASPCR1352


    Geovision GV-PCR1352 Access Control13.56MHz Enrollment Reader 2cm-Max.Distance 200m-ReadTime 0.5s-ReadInterval USB 1xLED 2-Year Warranty

  • POE-GV0400A


    Geovision GV-APOE0400 6-Port 10/100 Mbps Unmanaged PoE Switch with 4-Port PoE Max 65W 2-Year Warranty

  • CAG-BX8700FD


    Geovision GV‐BX8700‐FD 8MP H.265/264 Low Lux WDR Pro Face Detection Box IP Camera 3.6-10mm P-Iris WDR-Pro MicroSD-Slot MiniUSB-Slot TV-Out 3DNR Defog ONVIF(Profile S)DC12V/PoE 3-Year Warranty

  • CAG-TVD4710


    Geovision GV-TVD4710 4MP H.265 4.3x Zoom Low Lux WDR-Pro IR Vandal Dome Motorized: 2.8-12mm 2xIR-LED@98ft 3-Axis-Mechanism IRC IK100 IP67 MicroSD-Slot 2-Way-Audio 3DNR BNC-Out ONVIF(Profile G/S/T) DC12V/PoE 3-Year Warranty

  • CAG-TVD8710


    Geovision GV-TVD8710 8M H.265 Super Low Lux WDR-Pro Vandal IP Dome 4.3x Zoom Motorized Lens: 2.8-12mm 2xIR-LED@98ft 3-Axis Mechanism IK10 IP67 Buil-in SD-Card Slot Defog 3DNR ONVIF(Profile G/S/T) DC12V/PoE

  • CAG-ADR4702


    Geovison GV-ADR4702 UVS-A 4MP H.265 Low Lux Mini Fixed Rugged Dome 2.8mm Intelligent IR-LED@100ft IP67 IK10 Defog 3DNR ONIF(Profile S/T) DC12V/PoE 2-Years Limited Warranty

  • CAG-FD8700FR


    Geovision GV-FD8700-FR 8MP IR Fixed Dome H.265/264 LowLux 3.3~12mm 20xIR-LED@130ft P-Iris WDR MicroSD-Slot WDR IRC DC12V/PoE 3-Year Warranty

  • CAG-ADR2702


    Geovision GV-ADR2702 UVS-A 2MP H.265/264 Low Lux Mini RuggedDome Fixed 2.8mm 1xIR-LED@98ft IP67 IK10 DC12V/PoE 2-Year Warranty

  • IDN45DM62


    Dahua N45DM62 Starlite+ 4MP Vandal Dome 2.8mm 1xIR-LED@85ft WDR IP67 IK10 DC12V/ePoE Network Camera

  • IDN45EM63


    Dahua N45EM63 4MP Vandal Dome 3.6mm H.265+/H.264 WDR IP67 IK10 DC12V/ePoE Network Camera

  • IDN84CG52


    Dahua N84CG52 8MP Starvis Eyeball IR Dome 2.8mm H.265+/H.264 Built-in Mic 1xIR-LED@164ft TrueWDR@120dB IP67 DC12V/ePoE Network Camera

  • GV-NVR0812-2


    Geovision GV-SNVR0812 Stand-alone NVR 8CH+2TB Hard Drive Included H.265/H.264 4K/1080p(HDMI/VGA-Out) RCA/Audio-Out PoE

  • CDA52AJ6Z


    Dahua A52AJ6Z 5MP 4-in-1 Starlight Small Eyeball Dome Motorized Lens: 2.7-13.5mm 2xIR-LED@196ft OSD WDR 2D/3DNR ICR IP67 Buil-in Mic DC12V/DC24V

  • CDA52AM9Z


    Dahua A52AM9Z 5MP HDCVI Vari-focal Dome Starvis 2.7-13.5mm Motorized-Lens 2xIR-LED@98ft WDR 2D/3DNR AGC IP67 IK10 DC12V/AC12V

  • CAD-PFA130-E


    Dahua DH-PFA130-E Aluminum IP66 White Junction Box

  • CDA511K02


    Dahua A511K02 5MP HDCVI/CVBS/AHD/TVI Mini IR Eyeball Dome 2.8mm 12xIR-LED@98ft IP67 ICR AGC DWDR DC12V

  • CAD-PFS3008


    Dahua DH-PFS3008-8GT-96 8-Port Layer 2 Commercial PoE Switch LD PoE Up to 250m(820ft) IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u & IEEE802.3x Supports HiPoE(60W)

  • CAD-PFS4226G


    Dahua Rackmount 24-Port Gigabit PoE Switch Output: 360W Layer 2 Managed STP/RTSP/MSTP Redundancy QoS CoS/ToS 4M-Data Cache 8K-MAC Capcity

  • IDN24CG52


    Dahua N24CG52 2MP Small Eyeball IP Fixed Dome 2.8mm 1/2.8" STARVIS™ CMOS Smart H.265+264 IR-LED@164ft AGC AWB Built-in Mic IP67 DC12V/ePoE

  • CAG-MD8710FD


    Geovision GV-MD8710-FD 8MP H.265 Low Lux WDR Pro Face Detect IR Dome Motorized 4-8mm 4xIR-LED@98ft 3DNR Defog PrivacyMask ONVIF(Profile S) TAICS IoT CertifiedDC12V/PoE Network Camera

  • CDA52AL42


    Dahua A52AL42 Pro-Series 5MP HDCVI Fixed IR Dome 2.8mm 2.8-in. STARVIS™ CMOS WDR/120dB 12xIR-LED@98ft IP67 ICR AWB IK10 DC12V

  • CFA21CC0Z


    Dahua A21CC0Z 2MP Starlight HDCVI/CVBS/AHD/TVI IR Bullet Motorized Lens: 2.7-12mm 4xSmartIR@197ft DWDR AGC IP67 DC12V

  • POE-GV0812


    Geovision GV-POE0812 8-port Full Management POE Switch 8xIEEE 802.3at Compliant 2-port Gigabit/Uplink 1-ConsolePort 130W 6kV Surge Protection Up to 8xGV-IP Cameras Support 2-Year Warranty

  • GV-NVR8-ADR4


    Geovision 8ch NVR Bundle - 6 x GV-ADR4701 4MP H.265 Low Lux Mini Rugged IP Dome 2.8mm IP66 + 8ch GV-SNVR0812 H.265/264 NVR System HDMI/VGA 1080p Output 2-Way Audio USB2.0 Ethernet w/ 2TB HDD

  • GV-NVR8-EBD2


    Geovision 8ch NVR Bundle - 6 x GV-EBD2702 2MP H.265/264 Low Lux WDR IR IP Dome 2.8mm IP67 + 8ch GV-SNVR0812 H.265/264 NVR System HDMI/VGA 1080p Output 2-Way Audio USB2.0 Ethernet w/ 2TB HDD

  • GV-NVR8-TDR4


    Geovision 8ch NVR Bundle - 6 x GV-TDR4700 4MP H.265 Low Lux Mini Rugged IR IP Dome 2.8mm 1xIR@98ft IP66 + 8ch GV-SNVR0812 H.265/264 NVR System HDMI/VGA 1080p Output 2-Way Audio USB2.0 Ethernet w/ 2TB HDD

  • GV-RG072


    GV Recording Server 64 CH (Internal)for Geovision Camera

  • IFN41BD22


    Dahua N41BD22 Lite-Series 4MP Small IR Bullet 2.8mm H.264+/H.264 18xIR-LED@98ft T-WDR IP67 Auto-ICR DC12V/PoE

  • CAG-EBD8700


    Geovision GV-EBD8700 8MP IR Eyeball Dome H.265 Lens: 2.8mm 1-IR@98ft Low Lux WDR-Pro IP67 Defog 3DND TemperingAlarm TextOverlay PrivacyMask ONVIF(Profile S,T) DC12V/PoE

  • IDN41BK22


    Dahua N41BK22 4MP Fixed Eyeball Network Dome Camera Smart H.265+/264 Fixed 2.8mm True-WDR(120dB) 12xIR-LED@98ft IP67 DC12V/PoE

  • CFA52AF6Z


    Dahua A52AF6Z Pro-Series 5MP HDCVI Varifocal Bullet 2.7~13.5mm Motorized Lens 4xIR-LED@262ft IP67 ICR AGC AWB OSD Built-in Mic DC12V/AC24V

  • CAG-TDR4700


    Geovision GV-TDR4700 4MP Mini Rugged Dome H.265 LowLux MiniRugDome Lens: 2.8mm 1xIR-LED@98.4ft IP67 IK10 WDRPro DC12V/PoE

  • CAG-FER5701


    Geovision GV-FER5701 Outdoor 5MP IR Rugged Fisheye H.265 1.45mm 6xIR-LED@98ft IP67 IK10 DC12V/PoE

  • CFA82AF53


    Dahua A82AF53 Startlite 8MP 4K Bullet 3.6mm/4xIR LED @262ft ICR WDR@20dB IP67 Built-in Mic DC12V

  • CDA211K02


    Dahua A211K02 CVI-Only 2MP Small Eyeball Fixed 2.8mm 12xIR-LED@98ft DWDR AGC IP67 DC12V

  • CDA21CG02


    Dahua Lite-Series A21CG02 4-in-1 2MP Small IR Eyeball Dome Lens: 2.8mm 1xIR@164ft Built-in Mic ICR DWDR IP67 AGC DC12V

  • CAG-MT420


    Geovision GV-Mount 420 Pole Mount Bracket Kit (diam: TBD)

  • IFN85CB5Z


    Dahua N85CB5Z 8MP Bullet Starvis Motorized Lens 2.7-13.5mm 16x-DigitalZoom IR@164ft IP67 IK10 ePoE/12VDC

  • IDN84CL52


    Dahua N84CL52 Pro-Series 8MP WDR IR Mini Network Dome 4K Smart H.265+264 2.8mm 18xIR-LED@98f WDR/120dB IP67 IK10 ICR DC12V/ePoE

  • GV-NVR0812


    Geovision GV-SNVR0812 Stand-alone NVR 8CH for GV camera, H.265, 4K/1080p(HDMI) 8xLAN/PoE 1xWAN DC52V/1.8A 2-Year Warranty

  • GV-NVR0412


    Geovision GV-SNVR0412 Stand-alone NVR 4CH for GV camera, H.265, 4K/1080p(HDMI) 4xPoE/LAN 1xWAN DC48V/1.8A 2-Year Warranty